Max Verstappen and Red Bull dominance results in more energy drink sales, states Christian Horner

F1 Grand Prix of Emilia Romagna
A can of Red Bull is pictured in the hands of a Red Bull Racing team member during the 2020 F1 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix. (Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images)

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner recently claimed that Max Verstappen's and his team's dominance in F1 has massively helped in sales of the company's energy drinks.

Red Bull GmbH, an Australian company, is best known for the Red Bull energy drink. The company also owns Red Bull Racing, as well as various entities in other sports like football. According to Horner, the F1 team's incredible performances have boosted the company's energy drink sales.

Speaking about it on The Inside Track: The Business of Formula 1 by CNBC, Christian Horner said:

“There’s an old adage of, ‘Win on Sunday and sell on Monday.’ Well, what we do for the Red Bull brand, for the energy drink in advertising the product globally for 23 race weekends a year, we’re the biggest marketing impact that the beverage company has.”

Horner added (via CNBC):

“They see it, they can measure it. It’s incredible the amount of consumption of Red Bull that is happening.”

Red Bull Racing secured their second consecutive constructors' title in the 2023 season, beating rivals Mercedes by a massive margin of 451 points. Max Verstappen dominated the grid in the recently concluded season and claimed his third consecutive world championship. He finished 290 points ahead of teammate Sergio Perez in the drivers' standings.

Red Bull boss jokes about biggest changes in RB19 being the special liveries

The Red Bull team boss recently joked about how the biggest changes his team made to the RB19 were bringing special liveries to all three US races.

According to, he made the statement while discussing the challenges that other teams posed to Red Bull in the 2023 season and how they prevailed through sheer consistency and adaptability on different tracks.

“The biggest changes we've had have been livery changes. At different times during the season, we've had different competitors, giving us a hard time, whether it was Aston Martin that started the season very strongly. If you think back to Monaco that just came down to Quali, that was just one lap in Quali that determined that race.”
“And then more recently, McLaren have really brought us a firm challenge at some very recent races, we've had Ferrari up there as well and Mercedes occasionally as well. So, it's been varying who the competitor has been. I think where we've been particularly strong is we've just managed to achieve that level of consistency across many different circuits, conditions, and circumstances,” added Horner.

The reigning world champions ended the 2023 F1 season with whopping 860 points in their pockets.

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