“Maybe I’ll make a cameo”: Lewis Hamilton provides a major update about his F1 film

F1 Grand Prix of Monaco
Lewis Hamilton of Great Britain and Mercedes prepares to drive

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton has been very open about the process of being involved in the new Hollywood movie about F1 and even hinted that he might feature in it as well.

The seven-time world champion is serving as an advisor and executive producer in a movie starring Brad Pitt as a retired F1 driver and is being directed by Top Gun: Maverick maker Joseph Kosinski.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Lewis Hamilton said that he has no desire to appear in front of the camera but might drop in for a cameo in the F1-based movie.

“I don’t really have any desire to be in front of the camera. Maybe I’ll slot in and play a small cameo. I'll wait for my proper movie debut because I'm going to need to train and practice because I don't want to suck at it. If Top Gun 3 ever happens, I'm going to be in it, and I will miss a race for it, just so you know. I'm not going to give up that chance next time."

"We have an amazing cast. It's such a privilege" - Lewis Hamilton

Being so heavily involved in the project, the Briton is really proud of the amazing and diverse cast in the movie. He also spoke about working with Brad Pitt and others on the project.

Lewis Hamilton said:

"We have an amazing cast. It's such a privilege… because we weren't racing, we spent the whole day going through the script in London. Just to be able to sit there with Joe and Jerry, who are such legends, and then sit there and watch Brad work - I'm learning so much through the process and have even more of an appreciation of what it takes to create a movie."
"I'm sure that will continue to grow as I see this thing slowly grow and build into something special. Recruitment is going great, and I get to see all of those videos come through of people auditioning for the roles. And I get to be part of the decision-making of who we choose, who we like, and who is most suited or not. I went to Cannes on Tuesday and got to see greats like Leo, who has just released his movie. Who knows, maybe we'll go to Cannes with the movie once it's out."

It will be fascinating to see if the Lewis Hamilton-backed project lives up to the hype when it releases in cinemas in the future.

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