"My god that was terrible, so boring" - Max Verstappen and George Russell's hilarious banter after the F1 Monaco GP

Max Verstappen (L) and George Russell (R) (Collage via Sportskeeda)
Max Verstappen (L) and George Russell (R) (Collage via Sportskeeda)

Max Verstappen and George Russell had a hilarious back-and-forth regarding the 2024 F1 Monaco GP. The two drivers discussed how dull the race was for both of them.

The reigning world champion had a poor race weekend in the principality. He only managed to qualify sixth for the race, which resulted in his streak of seven consecutive pole positions breaking. He started the race from P6 and ended it in the same position.

Russell's story is similar to Verstappen's, qualifying fifth and staying there as he finished the race.

After the red flag on lap 1, both Russell and Verstappen were nursing their tires for the majority of the race. In the latter stages, Verstappen started pushing with the aim of overtaking the Mercedes, while Russell used his tires to defend his place.

Speaking with the media after the race, the two drivers started talking to each other about how boring the race was. The Red Bull star hilariously stated that he and Russell were going for a run after the race since they had not seemed to exert themselves at all.

After a brief discussion about tire management, George Russell concluded that F1 should make special rules for Monaco's Sunday races. He lightly suggested mandatory pitstops that could spice up the event.

"I think George and I, we are going to go for a run now because we did not really have an exercise. My god that was terrible, so boring!" Verstappen exclaimed (via @SCUDERIAFEMBOY on X).
"At least it was a bit more interesting at the end. I was scared that we were going to lose the tires by driving so slow," George Russell added.
"It was okay in the end, you can't pass, so," the Red Bull driver replied.
"We need to do something, need to change something for Sunday. Mandatory pitstops, or I don't know," Russell concluded.

Max Verstappen on how cautious tire management affects the drive around Monaco

Max Verstappen spoke about how most drivers were nursing their tires throughout the 2024 F1 Monaco GP, especially after the red flag. He also talked about how the lack of overtakes around the tight track in the principality coupled with slower lap times affected the race as a whole.

"The people on the hard tire towards the end they probably could push a bit more. But on the other hand, everyone was quite careful. No one really wanted to stress their tires too much, because you can't pass around here. So yeah, just not really exciting was it? So it's a bit of a shame," Verstappen said.

After the Monaco GP, Max Verstappen continues to lead the drivers' championship with 169 points. He is chased by second-placed Charles Leclerc (138) and third-placed Lando Norris (113).

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