Sebastian Vettel belongs in 'kindergarten' after his Miami antics, says former F1 driver

F1 Grand Prix of Miami - Previews
F1 Grand Prix of Miami - Previews
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Former F1 driver Christian Danner was unimpressed with Sebastian Vettel’s “antics” while protesting the FIA’s crackdown on nonstandard driver underwear and jewelry at the 2022 Miami GP weekend. The four-time world champion arrived at the paddock for his media duties wearing an underwear over his trousers, which according to Danner “belongs in the kindergarten”.

Speaking to Motorsport-Magazin, he said:

“He has a peculiar way of doing things that I personally can’t understand. When he makes fun of these FIA underwear requirements and then jumps around in the pit lane with his pants on, then I have to say honestly, it’s kindergarten.”

The FIA has taken a hard stance on drivers wearing nonstandard clothing and jewelry such as neck chains and piercings under their fireproof undergarments in the cockpit. The governing body argued that these items reduce the efficacy of the fireproof garments worn by the drivers and issued an ultimatum to the drivers ahead of the Miami GP.

Nothing to see here, just Sebastian Vettel running around in the paddock his underwear.🏃🏼‍♂️🩲

The FIA’s stance was met with protests from various drivers, including Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton, who came wearing underwear and jewelry above their regular clothes to the paddock.

Terming the behaviour as “peculiar”, the former F1 driver called for Aston Martin to give their driver a two-week leave of absence to discourage such behaviour.

He said:

“If I was team boss, I would have told him to take a two-week break and go where he belongs at the moment, which is kindergarten. When he’s done there, he’s welcome to drive again.”

The saga will continue to unfold this weekend in Barcelona.

Sebastian Vettel more interested “in a thousand other things” than F1

Danner believes Sebastian Vettel is becoming increasingly distracted with his passions outside of F1 and feels that the German world champion may have taken his privilege to drive in the sport for granted. He said:

“A thousand things that interest him more. I have nothing against him getting involved in environmental politics, that’s all fine.

He continued:

“But somewhere the seriousness for a F1 racing driver is already rooted in the fact that it is a privilege to drive his car, and many forget that.”
🎥 I Sebastian Vettel taking about the energy crisis on UK politics show Question Time.#F1 #Vettel #QuestionTime

Danner claims that Vettel has not been his old self for the last few years and that some of his passions outside the sport may have been influencing his performances on the track.

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