"It is already impacting on all of us today" - Sebastian Vettel on why he chooses to speak up on social and environmental issues

Sebastian Vettel opened up on why he has become vocal about the social and environmental issues
Sebastian Vettel opened up on why he has become vocal about the social and environmental issues

Sebastian Vettel recently opened up about why he started taking an interest in environmental issues. The four-time world champion was asked during a pre-race press conference whether his vocal advocacy of matters regarding the environment, climate, and/or social issues was made easier due to him already having bagged four titles. The Aston Martin driver replied that his titles had no influence on this matter; these topics are important because they impact everybody.

He said:

“No, there’s no sort of one experience that kicked it off. I feel I shouldn’t be the exception, I feel that we should all feel like this because it is addressing all of us and it will impact…it is already impacting on all of us today. And it will do more so in the future, the younger you are the more so, and for generations to come even more.”

He further added:

“I often get the question, why is this important to you? This is not important to me, this is important to all of us. And I don’t see why it cannot be. How can you ignore? Even if you don’t care, which I can see some people do not, but you don’t have that luxury anymore, to not care. Because, you know, it’s the foundation of all of what we do.”

Sebastian Vettel also mentioned how becoming a father and having to think about the future had played a role in fueling his interest in the environment.

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He said:

“So without drifting away, I see you know, this is extremely important, certainly why? Yeah, looking back, I mean, there was a time where obviously I wasn’t as aware. But I think the moment you become more and more aware, the moment I became a father, you’re thinking more about the future. So certain things probably do change.”

He went on to add:

“But like I said, unfortunately, kids today, kids like Max or the next generation, young drivers or even younger than Max and kids after that, they will not have that luxury of not caring, even if they don’t, it will impact them. And I think it’s for all of us to think of what we can do to shift change to raise awareness and yeah, it’s something we cannot run away from unless you want to race on the moon which I don’t think it’s as exciting, there’s not much downforce on the moon.”

Vettel explained how those who are younger could not afford to ignore the environmental issues that exist today.

Sebastian Vettel is in the last year of his contract with Aston Martin

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Sebastian Vettel is in the final year of his contract with Aston Martin. As he explores options beyond the sport, it does make one wonder whether he will completely move on to his interests outside the sport. If that were to happen, it would be the end of one of the most successful F1 careers in the sport.

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