"They're a great team": Red Bull boss Christian Horner backs Toto Wolff's squad to script a comeback to the front of the grid

F1 Grand Prix of Miami - Practice
F1 Grand Prix of Miami - Practice

Red Bull boss Christian Horner has backed compatriot Toto Wolff to script a comeback to the front of the grid. Ever since the new regulations kicked in, the Austrian team has dominated the sport. On the other hand, Mercedes has struggled to stay competitive.

Coming off an eight-year run where Toto Wolff led his team to the constructors' title on every occasion, the last two seasons have been a massive disappointment.

Coming into 2022, Mercedes was the defending constructors champion but lost comprehensively to Red Bull as the car was just not good enough.

The season was so bad that Mercedes could only muster a single win and pole position all season. Red Bull boss Christian Horner, however, feels that Toto Wolff can bring his team back to the top.

Talking to Sky Sports, he backed the Austrian to get back to its competitive levels by saying:

"For me sport is about rivalry. It's great to have a rivalry. "There has to be a respect, but sport isn't sport without rivalry. "Obviously we haven't seen much of him the last couple of years but I'm sure he's plotting. I'm sure he's got something that they're working on. They're a great team. They are a big team. They have got great drivers. They'll be looking to fight back."

"It hurts when you're losing": Red Bull boss

Talking about the dominant phase that Mercedes went through, the Red Bull boss admitted that it was a tough period for the team.

Horner also emphasized that in the sport, it always happens in cycles, and any team from Mercedes, Ferrari, Aston Martin, or McLaren could beat the Austrian squad one day.

He said:

"It hurts when you're losing and if it doesn't hurt then you shouldn't be doing it. We had a long period, six to seven seasons, of hurt, of being the bridesmaid. But we never lost sight of where we wanted to be. We were the team to break that [Mercedes] domination, and everything goes in cycles."

He added:

"At some point somebody will beat us. Now, whether it's Mercedes, or Ferrari, or McLaren, or Aston Martin, or whoever, we don't know. But all we can control is what we're doing. So that's what we're focused on, is ourselves."

For the 2023 F1 season, however, Red Bull has already sealed its sixth constructors title. The team is already working on next year's challenger and will be hoping to continue this momentum into next season.

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