WATCH: Sneak peek into Lewis Hamilton’s upcoming Hot Ones appearance

F1 Grand Prix of Emilia-Romagna - Practice
Lewis Hamilton in the paddock prior to practice ahead of the 2024 F1 Imola Grand Prix. (Photo by Lars Baron/Getty Images)

Lewis Hamilton will soon feature in the popular YouTube video series, First We Feast: Hot Ones, on Friday, May 31. The Hot Ones is a show hosted by First We Feast, an online food, drinks, and pop culture company.

The company invites celebrities from various walks of life for an interview while challenging them to eat some of the spiciest chicken wings. The spice level of each wing increases as the interview progresses, making it harder for celebrities to answer them as they battle the heat. The interviews are hosted by Sean Evans, an American YouTuber best known for co-creating the entire show.

Since Hot Ones has hosted many celebrities in the past, Lewis Hamilton was on their radar for quite some time. Before his video, the official X account of First We Feast posted a montage of clips from the entire interview. At the beginning of the clip shared by First We Feast, Sean Evans and Hamilton conversed about how the latter has rejected being on Hot Ones several times. The clip later showed Hamilton answering some fun questions and feeling the heat rise as the interview moved forward.

Since the Mercedes star is vegan and only eats a plant-based diet, it is safe to assume that the Hot Ones crew members would not offer him chicken wings.

Lewis Hamilton opined whether it is better to be hunted than to hunt other drivers in a race

Lewis Hamilton recently explained why it is better to chase drivers in a race rather than being in the front and being chased by everyone.

Hamilton is one of the most successful F1 drivers of all time. He has seven drivers' world championships to his name and helped teams like McLaren and Mercedes win constructors' titles. Hence, in most races in his life, he has been the one who was chased by the entire grid.

In the latest Hot Ones interview, he was asked what was the difference in mentality when a driver is chased versus when he is chasing others. Lewis Hamilton answered that it is easier to chase other drivers since one can make a mistake and quickly regain the time lost. On the other hand, if a driver is being chased by others, it can become more tense for him.

"Oh yeah, definitely, I think it's easier to hunt. If you are chasing and you make mistakes, you can get away, you know, you fall two steps back and you can regain. But if you are's just so much more nerve wracking," Hamilton said.

In the 2024 F1 drivers' championship after the Monaco GP, Lewis Hamilton is eighth in the table with 42 points. His Mercedes teammate, George Russell, is seventh with 54 points.

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