What would be ‘bigger than Netflix’ for F1 in the US? COTA boss opines

F1 Grand Prix of USA
F1 Grand Prix of USA at Austin.

Circuit of the Americas boss Bobby Epstein feels an American race-winner is needed to take F1's popularity to the next level in the US. Epstein said Logan Sargeant's upcoming FP1 stint for Williams is 'pretty fantastic,' but an American race-winner would be 'bigger than Netflix' for the sport in the US.

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Sargeant will make his debut in the sport in an FP1 session for Williams at the COTA in Austin later this year. The sport currently doesn't have a single American driver. It only has one team in Haas Racing.

Bobby Epstein told RACER about the need for an American F1 winner:

“It’s pretty fantastic, but it will be better when [Sargeant's] participating on Sunday. I do think Americans will show some pride in having an American driver in F1, but I think there will be a lot of support if we have a winning driver in F1."

The COTA boss added:

“The real question is how exciting would it be to have a winning American driver? I think that’s a few years off, but certainly that would be a beautiful game-changer. That would be bigger than Netflix.”

Race packages for the 2023 F1 Las Vegas GP could cost up to $100,000

.@MGMResortsIntl is planning to buy $20-25 million worth of @F1LasVegas tickets from @F1 so that it can create hotel+event packages for next year's race, per CEO Bill Hornbuckle.🔳 He said rooms may cost three times their usual rate and packages could retail for up to $100,000.

Packages for the 2023 Las Vegas GP could cost race-goers up to $100,000 over the weekend, making it the sport's most grand and expensive location.

The entire Las Vegas strip is set to be shut down for the weekend that will see drivers racing around iconic sites in Nevada. Sin City will likely give Monaco a run for its money with its latest venture.

MGM Resorts CEO Bill Hornbuckle noted that rooms at the luxury hotels would cost considerably more during the 2023 Las Vegas GP. The company is also set to buy $20-$25 million worth of weekend tickets so that it can create hotel packages for customers who want a racing experience in Las Vegas.

It would seem like the American 'phase' of the sport is in full swing, with the US being targeted as the next big market for the primarily-European sport. However, there is growing dissatisfaction amongst drivers and fans alike about the possible exclusion of historic tracks like Spa, Monza and Monaco.

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