What does Max Verstappen's sim racing setup look like?

F1 Grand Prix of Australia
F1 Grand Prix of Australia - Race winner Max Verstappen of the Netherlands and Oracle Red Bull Racing celebrates on the podium during the F1 Grand Prix of Australia at Albert Park Grand Prix Circuit on April 02, 2023 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Peter Fox/Getty Images)

Max Verstappen is well known in the sim racing community. The two-time world champion is a huge fan of racing simulators such as iRacing and Assetto Corsa and is often seen in world-class tournaments. Naturally, the Dutchman has an elaborate sim racing setup. Let's take a look.

Max Verstappen is an avid sim racer who enjoys competing with fellow racers and teammates in simulators when he is unable to drive his actual race car. He has become a prominent representative for sim racing, frequently appearing at the top of leaderboards on racing platforms.

Since entering the world of high-level racing, Verstappen has made it a priority to supplement his training and on-track learning with sim racing. He has adopted many driving techniques from practicing in simulators with other racers.

Max recognizes the benefits of simulation and enjoys using it whenever possible. He has a customized cockpit that includes a Playseat F1 Ultimate cockpit and a Sim Engineering wheel with a Leo Bodnar engine and base.

He uses Heusinkveld Ultimate pedals and a set of Samsung 32-inch curved triple screens, with an additional screen for race information. The setup is complete with a Heusinkveld shifter, handbrake, wireless helmet, and a carbon fiber seat that is presumably made to order.

Max Verstappen claims sim racing has real-life benefits

Max Verstappen has stated that sim racing, aside from being a hobby during the off-season, has also assisted him in setting up his actual race cars.

During an interview with his personal sponsor, CarNext, the current world champion discussed his interest in sim racing when he is not competing against drivers such as Lewis Hamilton.

He said:

"It keeps me ready to go, because I'm spending a lot of time also then on the setup. I'm not racing a Formula 1 car on the simulator, but it's like GT cars, so it's also a different technique of driving. I just keep testing myself, and especially these sim drivers... they're so quick!"

The driver then elaborated on the immense speed that sim racers have despite having no on-track experience.

"It's very interesting to see them drive because they have no real experience of a car but, somehow, when you look at how they're braking, how they're controlling, it is how it should be."

He added:

"It's very interesting for me to then compare myself to them, because they're naturally quick on the sim, I'm naturally quick in real life. For me, that's another motivation, because I know that I'm confident that when I want to jump in a real car, I'll be quick."

With Max Verstappen in good form, both virtually and in real life, it remains to be seen who can stop the Flying Dutchman.

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