Why is Max Verstappen banned by Red Bull from riding MotoGP bikes? 2022 F1 world champion reveals reason

F1 Grand Prix of Spain - Practice
MotoGP champion Marc Marquez (C) meets Pierre Gasly (R) and Max Verstappen (L) after practice for the F1 Grand Prix of Spain at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya on May 10, 2019, in Barcelona, Spain. (Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images)

Max Verstappen revealed that Red Bull has banned him from riding MotoGP bikes in fear that the Dutchman might injure himself in the process. The world champion recently got a chance to discuss racing with six-time MotoGP world champion Marc Marquez.

The two world champions of their respective sports recently met at the 2022 Honda Thanks Day, which was an event to celebrate Honda's success in motorsports. They discussed their respective forms of racing, expressing their appreciation for each other's talents.

Max Verstappen won the 2022 F1 title with ease, having wrapped up the season with four races to go. Marc Marquez, on the other hand, has been suffering from injuries and has not been competitive for a while.

Verstappen mentioned that he wanted to try out a MotoGP bike but isn't allowed to do so by Red Bull due to the chances of injuries. The Dutchman told Marquez:

"These guys are insane! The speeds they reach on the straights and the horsepower of the engines. I would like to try it out someday, but I'm still not allowed to. Red Bull doesn't allow that."

Marquez responded by saying that the 25-year-old should try out the bike in the winter season - in F1's off-season. The Red Bull driver responded:

"No, then I can break my legs. I know myself. You really want to try it out a bit, but then it goes wrong. It's really fascinating how strong motorcycle racers are. I love watching MotoGP. There are so many teams that can win today, so that's very nice."

Max Verstappen's dominance didn't make the 2022 F1 season boring, claims McLaren boss

McLaren boss Zak Brown claimed the 2022 F1 season was not 'boring' despite Max Verstappen's utter dominance. The American felt all races were exciting despite Red Bull's clear advantage over the rest of the field in the second half of 2022.

Brown told the media:

“It certainly seems like the racing has been better. I think everyone was concerned that cars were going to look the same. They certainly don't. There's a lot of different concepts. I think the new regulations always need refining, but I think we got it pretty right. And the racing has been very exciting this year. Given the dominance of Max, it doesn't feel like it's been a boring season, even if the results on paper, you would think it would be boring. But I think all the races have been very exciting.”

Max Verstappen secured his second title in the sport with four races to go, assertively putting an end to Ferrari's return to form at the beginning of the year. Despite the Red Bull driver's record-breaking performance in 2022, Zak Brown claims the season was not boring. He felt the 2022 regulations allowed for closer racing in the midfield, leading to exciting battles around the grid.

The Dutchman now has his eyes on his 2023 title defense, where he will be trying to stop the likes of Ferrari and Mercedes from taking away his precious accolade. Max Verstappen's 2023 title defense seems to be in question not because of his skills, but rather due to Red Bull's reprimands for allegedly breaching the 2021 cost cap. It will be interesting to see how things develop for the Dutch driver.

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