“Not crash” - Fernando Alonso outlines his objectives for tomorrow at the Monaco Grand Prix

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Fernando Alonso believes having a clean race in Monaco might aid them up the grid. Speaking to media, including Sportskeeda, after qualifying, the Aston Martin driver lamented the limited opportunities to salvage his weekend in the race.

Qualifying 16th on the grid, Alonso was knocked out of the very first session of qualifying. With enough pace throughout the weekend, the Spaniard was blocked by traffic and did not manage to have a clean session. At a race weekend where qualifying can decide the fate, he was unable to maximize his lap time.

On what could be salvaged out of the weekend in the race, Fernando Alonso suggested that it was difficult to rely on an undercut strategy. He felt that having a clean race without crashing was the maximum that could be delivered. The two-time world champion felt that their car wasn’t good and hoped for improved upgrades for the next double header races.

Asked by Sportskeeda what he could do in the race, the Spaniard said:

"Not crash, try to keep the car in one piece. Obviously, in this part of the year we try to bring as many upgrades as possible. So the stock of cars are not great, so we just need to try to finish the race and get to Canada a little bit more prepared."

Asked if an early pitstop could help, he replied:

"I think it's impossible. I did in lap 7 in Imola and in lap 8, but half of the grid stopped. This is the way it is."

Describing his qualifying session, Fernando Alonso said:

"Traffic obviously, we were not maybe the car to be on pole, but I think enough to be p7 p8. But I found myself in the wrong place wrong moment. This is Monaco you know it's difficult to get a clean lap."
"But I think I lost three tenths out of Turn 11 with a car just in front of me and then another two-tenths in the last corner with three cars that they were parked there just starting the lap. No one to blame think they cannot banish you know in the very last moment out of the last corner but yeah a little bit unlucky there," he added.

Fernando Alonso believes Monaco GP qualifying is a matter of luck

Fernando Alonso believes his dismal qualifying result is one of the unfortunate scenarios in Monaco, which is a common occurrence over the years. He felt that it was very difficult to improvise the lap on the second attempt. Citing the example of Sergio Perez, he felt his scenario was very similar.

Asked if it was a bit of a lottery around Monaco every year, Alonso told media including Sportskeeda:

"Yeah, I think it was the same for everyone, because if I put those five tenths into my lap, I will be P1 in Q1. So I think no one maximized the pace in Q1 no, it was just do a 98 % lap and get through. But yeah, we didn't manage today, it's a shame, but nothing we can do now."

Alonso continued:

"You can get lucky or lucky. I think last year I got lucky. You know and I made some progress in Q1 Q2 and then in Q3 you are P2 and maybe some of the big contenders they were out of Q1 or out of Q2. This time it was for us the bad side of it, but yeah for Checo as well no. I think he’s P18. So yeah this is Monaco you need to find your luck as well and we didn't do today."

Fernando Alonso has qualified behind his teammate Lance Stroll for the second weekend in a row. Aston Martin had brought upgrades to the Imola GP, which did not deliver the improvement in pace as they expected.

Currently, the 42-year-old driver is struggling to maximize the package available to him in the hunt for a good result.

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