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Ross Brawn: Red Bull will be F1 title contenders with the Honda Engine

Dev Tyagi
283   //    20 Dec 2018, 20:26 IST

F1 Grand Prix of Hungary
F1 Grand Prix of Hungary

It was a move that prompted Daniel Ricciardo to move away from the team, as most would note or might have quoted.

It was also a move that was primarily viewed with a lot of conjecture, although not necessarily always yielding a positive response.

And now, it's being viewed as a move that, according to Ross Brawn, the Motorsports Director, Formula 1, can make Red Bull the title contenders the next season.

Now that told, what is your take with Red Bull's alliance with Honda, being its engine suppliers for the next F1 season?

Does the partnership between the legendary Japanese engine suppliers and one of the most mercurial outfits in the realm of Formula 1 appear to you as an alliance that holds the power to shake up the usual structure of the sport?

Can it, therefore, threaten the dominance one's come to see from Mercedes and Ferrari?

Well, where Ross Brawn, among the most experienced and graceful thought-leaders of Formula 1 is concerned, then the future could be very strong for Christian Horner-led Red Bull, given the fact that, they've moved on with Honda for the next season.

This could, according to Mr. Brawn, a former team principal, be an alliance that can trigger the battle for constructor's championship- hitherto, utterly dominated by Mercedes- in a three-way fight involving Red Bull, Ferrari, and Mercedes.

Having said the above, it is worthwhile to note that the last time when Red Bull seemed a dominant team was in the Pre-V6 turbo-hybrid era.


During the 2010 to 2013 seasons, Red Bull weren't just a team; they established an era of dominance, emerging infallible under the tutelage of Sebastian Vettel, their numero-uno driver and Christian Horner, a man who guided them to earn an amazing streak of dominance.

Having said that, what happened next in Formula 1 was an out and out Mercedes show. If one were to rewind back to the recent past, starting 2014, Mercedes have clinched the Constructor's title on four out of five occasions.

Now, as the dust settles on the 2018 Formula 1 season, the time is right to gauge what lies ahead.

Can Red Bull, under their pact with Honda, really emerge as the frontrunners on the grid, as supposed by Ross Brawn?

Leading F1 portal publication, published some incisive news in regards to Ross Brawn's assessment of Red Bull.

"Honda teaming up with Red Bull will be positive because Red Bull become a full works team," says Brawn. "It's always a different challenge when you are a works team with an engine manufacturer.

"You have to hold hands and you have got to jump in together, work together, and be as one and that is the strength of that opportunity.

"It's something I have always focused on because it really does give you some great chances. Red Bull have now got to grasp that opportunity with Honda and get back into the really sharp end.