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Twitter reacts to Lewis Hamilton's champagne spraying stunt at Chinese GP

Lewis Hamilton's stunt on the Chinese GP podium, when he sprayed a hostess with champagne, has provoked widespread criticism.

News 14 Apr 2015, 13:20 IST
Lewis Hamilton has been severely criticised for spraying a hostess with champagne following his win at the Chinese GP.

Probably giddy from racing to his second win of the season at the Chinese Grand Prix, Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton, in a flight of exuberance, sprayed a hostess’ face with champagne during the celebrations that followed his victory on the podium. 

Hamilton, who won the Chinese GP for the second time running, was also criticised by his Mercedes teammate Nico Rosberg for having cost him the chance to win the race by driving slower than necessary. 

While the practice of popping the cork of a champagne bottle is often deemed as part of the celebrations, Hamilton, by directing the bottle on the hostess’ face seems to have earned the wrath of many. The hostess, for one, looked nowhere near pleased with Hamilton’s actions. Moreover, this isn’t the first time that Hamilton stands accused of having soaked a hostess with champagne. At the Spanish Grand Prix last season, Hamilton had pulled off something similar. 

At the Spanish Grand Prix last year, Lewis Hamilton had pulled off a similar stunt. 

Hamilton’s antics at the Chinese GP have provoked strong reactions from the media and has led to a widespread backlash on twitter. 

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