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Verstappen says that Red Bull squad has motivation for 2019 in the form of Honda

Dev Tyagi
211   //    30 Dec 2018, 22:42 IST

At the F1 Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi, Max was on the podium again
At the F1 Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi, Max was on the podium again

Honda and Red Bull make an alliance that is among the most debatable, albeit interesting subjects of the sport in its contemporary form. This is an alliance that can, according to some, change the nature and complexion of Formula 1 in the new season where Red Bull stand.

Everyone wants to know whether the Christian Horner-led racing outfit can make it count in the coming season, now that there's a change on the horizon and it's called Honda.

But whether Red Bull can make giant strides forward in the new season totally depends on what is fundamentally a possibility, not an answer, as of yet.

That told, Max Verstappen, fourth on the 'Driver's Standings' for 2018, has offered his view of Red Bull's new partnership with their engine suppliers for the new season.

Apparently, Max, who views the decision positively, has shared the following in lines with Red Bull, who are all set to tender a fresh bid for the constructor's in 2019, but for the first-time ever with Honda.

"I’m very excited but the whole team is. You can really feel it,” Verstappen said. “I think it’s good that the whole team is super-motivated for next year. We know that we can build a great car.

“We are just waiting to have the whole package together but I definitely feel a difference compared to the last years where the motivation was there, everybody was always trying to do their best but now they’re just so looking forward to next year."

According to Verstappen, the new alliance that sees two great names in the sport, come together starting 2019, is a new motivation.

While Red Bull, who haven't claimed a constructor's title or a world title since 2013, a year wherein they gathered 596 points and hence, the numero uno rank, will be keen to try to win in 2019. And while that will remain their main goal, something that Max Verstappen would be keen to help them achieve, Honda, Red Bull's suppliers on the other hand, would be keen to bounce back to the top of the grid, having faced an indifferent period, of late.


That said, what can Max and Pierre Gasly, who steps in for Renualt-bound Ricciardo, do together for the team, can only been seen when the five red lights go green at Australia in March, 2019.

For now, let's just reflect on Max's unbridled enthusiasm:

“I think to have that extra motivation will definitely help us to be more successful next year.”