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Video: The top 10 fastest F1 cars ever

2.66K   //    09 Mar 2013, 13:06 IST

There is no way to find out what the Fastest F1 car of all time is (Not greatest, not the most succesful etc, just the fastest car ever).

But by adding together each car’s laps from 5 tracks, in Melbourne, Monaco, Shanghai, Sepang & Sao Paulo, an overall total of which car is the fastest could be reached. Each lap was their best lap of the weekend, and wet times were rounded up to dry time. This system isn’t accurate, but neither is any system.

The reason these tracks were used is because, since 2003 at least, they are the most consistent. To make one thing clear, 2001+ F1 cars are simply faster than F1 cars previous to that year, because of driver aids, such as traction control. This film isn’t about the greatest F1 cars ever. If you’re talking about the greatest/most dominant f1 car, then that has to be the McLaren MP4-4. But if you’re to take the MP4-4 down to a track, along with a Red Bull for example, the Red Bull would beat it, because of the technology in the Red Bull, as well as the aero advantage.

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