Watch: When Christian Horner and Martin Brundle threw shade at each other

F1 Grand Prix of Qatar - Christian Horner checks on Max Verstappen during qualifying.
F1 Grand Prix of Qatar - Christian Horner checks on Max Verstappen during qualifying.

Red Bull F1 team principal Christian Horner is no stranger to banter, with multiple instances of his savage comments floating around on the internet. However, he seems to have met his match with Martin Brundle, an ex-driver and long-time F1 commentator. Brundle had a brutal response to Horner's snarky comment about the former being too old to have raced at the Singapore Grand Prix in 2014.

I'm not generally a fan of humorous Christmas cards but Christian Horner's made me laugh 😆

During the customary grid walk, before the start of the Singapore Grand Prix in 2014, Christian Horner was interviewed by Martin Brundle, who asked about the general conditions at the track. Horner, in his usual sarcastic way, responded with:

“It’s a shame you’re too old to have driven here really. You would have liked it.”

Martin Brundle hit back at the 48-year-old with a brutal response, instantly wiping the smile off his face. He said:

“I am too old, shame you weren’t fast enough to get to Formula 1.”

Watch the whole interaction with the two icons here:


Christian Horner has racing heritage

Horner is not just the kind of team boss who commands his team without understanding the intricacies of racing. The Briton, who led Red Bull to four consecutive world championships with Sebastian Vettel, has racing experience of his own going all the way back to go-karts in the early to mid-1990s.

Christian Horner in the driving seat. @GeriHalliwell in the passenger seat. Here's what happened... 😂#PirelliHotLaps @redbullracing @pirellisport

Horner's racing career started in earnest after he won a Formula Renault scholarship in 1991. He finished first in the 1992 British Formula Renault Championship, winning the Rookie of the Year award. Despite a successful stint in British F3 the following year, Christian Horner decided that his place in motorsport was behind the scenes, rather than behind the wheel.

During a test in 1998, a 25-year old Christian Horner was driving behind F1 veteran Juan Pablo Montoya when he finally realized he did not have the commitment it took to be a fast and competent driver. It was after this realization that he decided to quit as a driver and focus on the progress of the Arden Racing team instead.

Christian Horner and Red Bull F1 will be taking on Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes for the penultimate time in 2021 at the inaugural Saudi Arabian Grand Prix from December 3-5.

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