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10 football superstitions you should know about

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AVEIRO, PORTUGAL - OCTOBER 07:  Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal looks on during the FIFA 2018 World Cup Qualifier between Portugal and Andorra at Estadio Municipal de Aveiro on October 7, 2016 in Aveiro, Portugal.  (Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images)
Did his superstitions help Portugal win the Euro 2016?

There is a very fine line between superstitions, obsessive compulsive disorders, and crazy routines but some people manage to blur the lines a little bit more than others. Whether it’s their lucky pair of underwear or a favourite t-shirt that fits just right or even wearing one boot before the other, superstition is surprisingly very common among footballers, too.

We’ve heard of fans having different superstitions before, during and even after the games, and it should come as no surprise that even players, managers, and even team presidents have their own. 

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The ultimate belief or notion that certain outcomes or events can be influenced by supernatural forces that exist all around us and can sway a person’s judgment, may seem somewhat bizarre to some people. But superstitions and rituals are more often than not deeply ingrained and invested in a team’s history or even in an individual's identity as a reflection of some of the biggest losses and wins of their careers.

#10 Cristiano Ronaldo

Real Madrid superstar, four-time Ballon d’Or winner and one of the greatest players of all time, that’s what comes to your mind when the name Cristiano Ronaldo appears in conversations. So when talks of superstitions come along and players with their own method of what may make them great, who would have thought that the man synonymous with the word ‘hard work’, makes the list.

However, through his years as a professional athlete, Ronaldo has developed certain quirks that have become superstitions, that have set him apart from the rest. From being the first player to disembark while travelling in a game by plane, putting his right foot on to the grass first, standing the exact same way during free-kicks and so much more.

He is always the last one to leave the tunnel while playing for Los Blancos but the first one to leave the tunnel while playing for Portugal.

They all seem to have worked, as the Portuguese star has three Premier League titles, three Champions League titles, one La Liga title, one Euro title and of course the four Ballon d’Ors and the four European Golden shoes.

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