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10 funniest names of footballers around the world

8.46K   //    16 Mar 2013, 23:45 IST
Danny Shittu of Millwall.

Danny Shittu of Millwall.

Football Players are needed to be respected for the hard work they put in. However, without any disrespect, I present to you the list of funniest names of football players around the world.

1) Two-Boys Gladstone Gamede: He is a South African footballer who currently plays for River City Rovers. His mother named him ‘Two-Boys’ to let people know that she had two boys and he was the second.

2) Have-a-Look Dube: This footballer is known to play for the Zimbabwe national side and Njube Sundowns at club level.

3) Creedence Clearwater Couto: He is a 34-year old Brazilian who currently plays for Santa Cruz, and became popular for his unusual name. The reason behind such an unusual name is his parents, who were big fans of American band ‘Creedence Clearwater Revival’ and decided to adopt this name for their son.

4) Argelico Fucks: He has represented Brazil’s national side. He attained some fame, albeit not the type he’d have wanted, with his move to Benfica, as one of the headlines describing the move read: ‘Fucks Off to Benfica

5) Danger Fourpence: He is a Zimbabwean football player who plays for Kiglon Bird FC in Zimbabwe. Another Zimbabwean candidate in the list.

6) Bongo Christ: He was born in the Republic of Congo, has played for Sporting Cabanda at the club level. Bongo from Congo. What a name!

7) Danny Olusola Shittu: This 32-year old is a Nigerian player who currently plays for Millwall.

8) Chiqui Arce: He is a Paraguayan footballer, who currently manages the club Cerro Porteno.


9) Segar Bastard: He was an amateur footballer who played for Leyton.

10) James Oatway : Well, you may ask why this name is on this list. What’s so funny? Well, here is his full name – Anthony-Philip-David-Terry-Frank-Donald-Stanley-Gerry-Gordon-Stephen-James-Oatway. Funny enough?

This post is not meant to hurt any sentiments, and was just intended for fun!

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