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10 most generous footballers in the world

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Many a time, footballers and charity have always being looked upon with a sense of cynicism considering the huge amounts that are doled out on them by the big club super powers. However, a few footballers from time to time remind us that the game and its players at the highest level are not all about the “bling”.

Football, “the beautiful game” gets its nickname not only from the aesthetics of the way it is played, but also from the beautiful manner in which its practitioners at the highest level open up a world of opportunities for others.

Footballers who make it through to the highest level rarely forget the hardships that they themselves have gone through in  their youthful  years and we find many of them opening up foundations; opening up their arms to many in need.

Today we look at ten such players who are always at the forefront when it comes to munificence.

This not sorted any order. Let’s keep the rankings aside for once.

Messi Charity

Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi not only has a golden touch on the ball, but also has a golden heart. He is an active participant in the various activities carried out by UNICEF.

He along with Serena Williams recently helped launch the ‘1 in 11’ campaign with the help of FC Barcelona Foundation, Reach Out To Asia (ROTA) and UNICEF. The campaign aims at extending educational opportunities to marginalized children in Bangladesh, Indonesia and Nepal, with the goal of expanding to more countries.

He has also been involved in many other charitable activities back in his native Argentina and even spent his son Thiago’s first birthday with UNICEF.


Drogba Bono

Didier Drogba

Didier Drogba’s colossal status is not limited to within the lines on the pitch. The man from Ivory Coast not only plays tough on the field but also goes about setting records for all sorts of kindness off the field. One of the most decorated players to come out of Africa, Drogba is equally celebrated off it because of his saintly works in society.

The Chelsea forward once donated the full $3 million fee that he had once commanded for endorsing the soft drinks giant Pepsi to set up a hospital at his native ivory Coast.

But, his biggest and most memorable work till date has been the establishment of the Didier Drogba foundation, which has set its sight on improving the education and health of children in Africa. 

Bellamy Charity

Craig Bellamy

Craig Bellamy’s antics on the pitch and things surrounding football doesn’t always yield him many plaudits, but his actions off it certainly do.

In 2007, the Welshman, travelled to Sierra Leone and was deeply touched by the poverty and state of living in the country. Two years later, in 2009 the then Liverpool man launched the Craig Bellamy foundation along with UNICEF.

The academy not only helps in helping kids excel in football but also in their academics; helping to create a better society rather than just concentrating on making better footballers. In 2013, Bellamy shunted out £1.4m of his own money for the project. 

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