10 things you probably didn't know about Wayne Rooney

Rebant Malhotra

#9 Avid boxer


Rooney has revealed in the past that one of his favourite sports to watch is boxing and it is something that the Englishman often practices as well. In fact, he revealed that quite a few players at Manchester United are boxing fans and they would often gather around their laptops to watch a professional bout.

Rooney’s love for boxing is something that comes from his working class background as the player saw plenty of boxing when he was growing up in the city of Liverpool. Rooney’s uncle ran a gym and there were times that he and his cousins would go and have a friendly bout there. His favourite boxer back in the day was Mike Tyson.

β€œMy uncle ran a gym and there was times me and my cousins would go in and open the gym up and just train, do the pads, bags, sparring, it was great fun.”

β€œI loved it.’’

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