Top 15 Almost Unbreakable Records In The World Soccer History


#12. Most goals scored by goalkeepers - 128 by Rogerio Ceni (Brazil)

Rogerio Ceni
Rogerio Ceni

Well, according to our knowledge, goalkeepers are meant to save other teams from scoring goals against his team. And, this is quite natural as each and every player is assigned to a particular role in the field.

However, in soccer, there have been few rare occasions when goalkeepers scored for their teams. It is Rogerio Ceni, the Brazilian goalkeeper, who holds the record for scoring most goals for his team in combined national or international matches. So far, Ceni has scored 128 goals.

#11. Shortest time to a red card - Lee Todd (within 2 seconds)

Lee Todd
Lee Todd

Of course you won't be so proud if you do own this kind of record but still, Lee Todd holds such a record that we can expect to remain unbroken for the whole future football life. You can get surprised if you didn’t know this earlier, that is only within 2 seconds of a soccer match, a player got to see a red card from the referee.

It was in 2000, Lee Todd, the goalie of Cross Park Farm Celtic, was sent off only within 2 seconds for saying "F*ck me, that was loud.", after the referee blew his whistle to start the match. Was it a kind of harsh red card, what do you say?

#10. Fastest hat-trick ever - Alex Torr (in 70 seconds)

Alex Torr
Alex Torr

Often we see that in a whole football match, hardly two or three goals are scored. Again, on the other hand, we also see players scoring a hat-trick in one match. But you definitely will get surprised to know that the fastest hat-trick in a football match was scored in 70 seconds only. Alex Torr of Rawson Spring is the man who holds such a record. He scored back to back three goals in just 70 seconds. Rawson won the match 7-1 over Winn Gardens.

Alex scored his first goal in the 11th minutes of the game, then the 2nd one on 11 minutes 30 seconds and then he completed his treble after 12 minutes and 10 seconds. Unbelievable, right?

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