16-year-old Manchester United fan stands up for Liverpool cause

Shaun Cahill Manchester United fan
Manchester United fan Shaun Cahill (Image Courtesy: Liverpool Echo)

The rivalry and animosity between Liverpool and Manchester United is one that has lasted for years and doesn’t look like abating in the near future, but one small gesture from a United fan has got the respect of both sets of fans.

Shaun Cahill, a 16-year-old Manchester United from Liverpool, influenced his local store to stop stocking The Sun newspaper. The Sun, a tabloid newspaper, had laid blame on Liverpool supporters for causing the Hillsborough disaster and even went as far as to say that Liverpool fans urinated on the police, assaulted rescue workers, and pickpocketed victims, in the aftermath of the disaster, which all turned out to be untrue.

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As quoted from Liverpool Echo, Cahill campaigned vociferously by emails, calls and personally visiting the store to convince them to stop stocking the newspaper. The teenager is a Manchester United fan, but was born in Liverpool and his friend’s mother was there when the tragedy took place and hence feels strongly about the cause to boycott the newspaper.

“I’m surprised no one had ever complained properly before, because it just shouldn’t be there. One of my close friend’s Mum was in the disaster so that’s why I’m so passionate about it. They’re really happy I support it so much despite being a Manchester United fan,” said the teenage Manchester United fan.

He has received widespread support from fans online, but there have been a few United fans who have not be supportive of his act, “I’ve had some Man United fans on Facebook saying they’re disappointed in what I’ve done, but others are really supportive. I’d do it again if I saw it being sold somewhere.” The United fan has also been to memorial services for the disaster at Anfield to show support, but in his Manchester United shirt.

What was the Hillsborough disaster?

The Hillsborough disaster was one the deadliest stadium disasters in English football, as 96 Liverpool fans died and over 700 were injured when hundreds of fans were crushed due to overcrowding of a stand in the Hillsborough Stadium during an FA Cup semi-final game between Nottingham Forest and Liverpool.

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The newspaper ran a story a few days after the disaster on the first page with the headline ‘The Truth’, which caused outrage with people in Liverpool and across England. The allegations by the newspaper were contrary to what actually happened on the field and was widely criticised and boycotted by fans.

There have been several campaigns to call for the boycotting of the newspaper, with ‘Total Eclipse of the S*n’ being the most vocal of them all.

Manchester United fans have in several matches with Liverpool sung songs about Hillsborough to spite Liverpool fans, which has been condemned previously by United fan groups, former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson, and by current manager Jose Mourinho recently, prior to the Liverpool-United game.

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