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2012 Editors' Choice Writer Awards: Pick of the Writers

News 17 Dec 2012, 17:24 IST

Our announcement of the winners of the 2012 Sportskeeda Writer Awards continues, and we now move to the Editors’ Choice awards! Today’s category: Pick of the Writers.

This award, given to the writer with the highest proportion of “Editor’s Pick” articles in the year 2012, indicates which writer has impressed the editors the most with his or her writing. The only criterion: the writer should have contributed a minimum of 10 articles in the year.

With that in mind, the following are the writers who were found to be the front-runners under the various sports categories:


1. Abhishek Iyer

2. rahulmohan11

3. Abhinav

4. Novy Kapadia

5. Arjun Mohan


1. Nikhil M. Nair

2. jamesroy

3. Kunal Salvi

4. Garfield Robinson

5. Thunderdog


1. Jaideep

2. Sudeshna Banerjee

3. Aditya Ramani

4. sivaraml

5. Roh


1. darthsid

2. Sidhartha

3. Hoopistani

4. sabarinath.sankara

5. Vsu

Other sports

1. drBaltar25

2. Sumantrasarathi Datta

3. Pro4SS

4. Akhilesh

5. Sprinter Sports

And the winner is….Jaideep, with a whopping 80% rate of Editor’s Pick articles!

Congratulations Jaideep, you are officially the 2012 Pick of the Writers at Sportskeeda! Well done!

Congratulations to all the other nominees too! The editors really love your work, and there can be no greater compliment for a writer than that.

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