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2012 Heavyweight Writer Awards: Writing Machine of the Year

News 27 Dec 2012, 20:12 IST

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Our announcement of the winners of the 2012 Sportskeeda Writer Awards continues! Today’s category: Writing Machine of the Year.

This award is for the writer who has written the highest number of articles in the year 2012. The following are the writers who were found to be the front-runners under the various sports categories:


1. OhMyRaul

2. Karthik Basappa

3. Akshy Sridhar

4. Sherry Philips

5. Saikat


1. Chuck

2. Kritika

3. jaideep18

4. anandvasudev

5. Ajith


1. ramnarayanan

2. Haresh Ramchandani

3. Musab Abid

4. Roh

5. lmktheleo


1. sidbreakball

2. Hoopistani

3. darthsid

4. sabarinath.sankara

5. Sidhartha

Other sports

1. WWE Fanatic

2. Dev Sukumar

3. Nishant Raj

4. XDustinEFLX

5. suhridbarua

And the winner is….OhMyRaul (Shubham Mazumdar), with an incredible 567 articles published in the year!

Congratulations Shubham, you are officially the 2012 Writing Machine of the Year at Sportskeeda! Well done!

Congratulations to all the other nominees too! You are the most passionate sports followers at Sportskeeda; in other other words, you are the true sports ‘keedas’!

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