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2019's Expected Managerial Merry Go Round 

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Arsene Wenger v Sir Alex Ferguson
Arsene Wenger v Sir Alex Ferguson

"Who is the most important man at a football club?" Arsene Wenger was once asked. "The Manager" he answered. It was reply that was met with some laughter, which prompted a question from the Frenchman, "When a team is not performing well who do you change first?"

The role of a manager has changed over the years in football. A job that was limited to the training and tactical department of the game underwent a revolution in the dawn of the 21st century which saw the Manager of a football club becoming the most powerful man at a club. And with that power came more responsibilities that stretched throughout the club from overseeing the daily training to being the buffer between the club and the media.

But in the age of social media and sponsors, footballers have become icons and heroes. And it has become the primary responsibility of the manager to keep these players in check. The rise in market values and player power over the last decade has made the job even harder, one of the reasons why no manager holds a top job for a long time anymore. The best examples of a clash of egos in recent history will be Mourinho and Manchester United, Ancelotti and Bayern, along with Conte and Chelsea. Each of these cases has shown the prevalence of player power and how crucial maintaining a good relationship with the squad has become.

A change in management has seen great teams fall and dark horses rise. Here we are focusing on 6 managers whom, if they were to change allegiance, will create new empires across Europe's top divisions.

With the likes of Manchester United and Real Madrid having interim managers, the fall of the Bavarian giants, and Juve's and Barca's need for the champions league, this summer will see the biggest managerial merry go round in recent football history.

#1 Nuno Espírito Santo to Tottenham Hotspur

Nuno Espírito Santo v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League
Nuno Espírito Santo v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League

Awaiting entry into their new home 'Tottenham Hotspur Stadium', the club have begun the 2018 season very well considering the fact that no new player was brought into the squad during the summer window.

Sitting just six points off the top of the table, the Lilly Whites do have the strength to make a strong finish in the league. With the likes of Manchester United and Real Madrid circling them for the likes of Toby Alderweild, Christian Eriksen and more importantly Mauricio Pochettino. it seems likely that Spurs will go into next season in a weaker position.

With the stadium loan estimated to restrict their business in the windows to come player sales are expected and one cannot see the managers of any top-level teams waiting to take on a possibly vacant coach's chair at Spurs.


The next best choice in the premier league should be the man who has taken Wolves to an unimaginable seventh place in the table. Nuno Espirito Santo signed a three-year deal at Wolves in 2017 and helped them to a championship win with four games left to go, and qualifying for the premier league. But it was the season which followed that showed the Portuguese's genius. Taking advantage of his knowledge of the Portuguese market he assembled a team with a style of play mirroring Pochettino's Spurs.

Nuno has managed to take points off or defeat each of the top six teams in domestic games. In his short time at the Molineux Stadium, the three-time La-Liga Manager of the Month has shown his tactical knowledge and ability to cope with teams of a higher quality. A move to Spurs, if possible, would be a step in the right direction for all parties involved.

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