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Premier League 2018-19: 3 reasons why Manchester United will not lose to Arsenal at Old Trafford

Ronnie Evans
Top 5 / Top 10
03 Dec 2018, 14:22 IST

#2 Arsenal's vulnerability in defense

Arsenal's defense is something United can exploit
Arsenal's defense is something United can exploit

Arsenal, like most sides, have their vulnerabilities. In their case, they depend a lot on fluid attacking play, and if that fails, they become susceptible to counter attacks.

This was seen clearly against the Spurs. Defense is an area that Arsenal need to improve on, since it is something that can hurt them.

Mourinho is a tactician and knows Arsenal's weaknesses well. That was why United were able to pull off a win in both fixtures last season.

Mourinho has always been unpredictable in his team selection, and could pull off another masterpiece out of the bag to exploit Arsenal's defense.

#1 Tactics

Mourinho can set his team up to frustrate Arsenal
Mourinho can set his team up to frustrate Arsenal

Mourinho is shrewd enough to come up with tactics that will frustrate Arsenal. He has orchestrated some of the best defensive strategies in world football to prevent losses if the other team is too hot.

You would expect Mourinho to set his team up in a manner that closes the spaces that Arsenal players like to operate on. Underneath his hardcore managerial style, Mourinho knows that a goalless draw against this Arsenal side would be as good a result as any win.

He might bring out his vintage style of play to prevent his side from losing, rather than setting his team to win.

A loss to Arsenal may just be the final straw regarding his job at Manchester United. Therefore, he is likely to focus on avoiding defeat while looking for counter attacks.

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