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4 famous football debates that will never have a conclusion

  • These debates have been going on for a long time now
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Modified 31 Jul 2018, 18:06 IST

Slovenia v England - FIFA 2018 World Cup Qualifier
Wayne Rooney

Football is a simple game where 22 men chase the ball and the rest of the world loves watching them do it. Over the years football has become a religion with fans embracing their respective favourite team’s shirt. With so many fans, it is obvious that different opinions will arise. No two people will turn out to think in the exact same manner and therefore, in football, there is bound to be a lot of differences in opinion.

Since social media came into our lives, we witness a new debate every day. Sometimes there is an end to a debate while sometimes it just stays open without a conclusion. With so many topics of discussion popping up every single day, it is hard to remember each and every debate that ever took place but there are certain topics that have been mentioned one too many times and still are without a conclusion.

Over the years many pundits have tried to come to a conclusion over a certain topic but not one man can claim that he got out with a proper answer to the big question. Legends have had their say but as we said before, opinions tend to divide and football is the epitome of that.

Here we present you 4 debates that will probably never have a proper conclusion.

#4 Did Wayne Rooney fulfil his potential?

The question we’ve read for so many years- did Wayne Rooney fulfil his potential? Wayne Rooney burst on to the scene as a teenager from England at EURO 2004 when he scored 4 goals for the 3 lions and ended the tournament as his nation’s top scorer in Portugal.

Since then the Englishman has gone on to achieve new heights in his career with memorable moments and lots of goals. From his stunning strike against Arsenal in Everton's Premier League tie in 2002 to scoring a hattrick for Manchester United on his debut for the Red Devils, Wayne Rooney's career has been a storyline.

While Wayne's trophy cabinet is mighty impressive with a plethora of titles won with Manchester United, his personal record establish his position as a legend as he currently stands as the all-time top scorer for Manchester United and England. With such a glorious it is hard to say that the Englishman did not fulfil his potential.

While we may look at Rooney's great career as a point in this argument, we are deviating from the prime subject of discussion here. Wayne Rooney entered the football world and became a sensation- a man who England thought will get them a major title but he didn’t even come close.

Once the most talented boy in England was overshadowed by Cristiano Ronaldo at Manchester United first and then many followed. Wayne Rooney's inability to win a major title with England will go down as a major disappointment along with him not being able to keep up when his peers were consistently performing at the highest level.


The argument can go on for ages but a conclusion is far from expected. But one thing is for sure that whether Wayne Rooney fulfil is potential or not, he still will be considered one of the greats of the game.

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Published 31 Jul 2018, 18:06 IST
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