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4 Goalkeepers Who Vanished After a Big-Game Howler

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UEFA Champions League'Real Madrid v Liverpool FC'
UEFA Champions League: Real Madrid v Liverpool FC

Referred to as the most beautiful game, football is not a game to many, but a religion followed and worshipped ardently. And while matches always have their climatic points as the players methodically work together to either score or block goals, sometimes even the best can fall victim to a rookie demeanour that not just costs them the match but their careers as well.

It’s well attested that all sports attract a fair share of rabid fans just waiting to pounce out at the weakest link in any match. There are those who live and die for this sport and would in fact not spare any of the unfortunate players in this list if they ever got a chance to meet them.

For a game that commands utmost attention at all fronts, especially foot-eye coordination, several factors work together to produce some of the finest moments in sports history. From bicycle and scorpion kicks to daring swerves and gambit saving shots, ordinary spectators and enthusiasts alike witness a spectacle like no other. But the game is also overwrought with some of the most jaw-dropping blunders that could make even the most distant viewers wince in shock and cringe.

The life of the goalkeeper is one such profession filled with constant heckles, abuses and insults if things don’t go right. Not a job for the faint-hearted as any match can go south at any point sending a volley of trouble along their way. Miss a single goal in the silliest of fashions and you’re labelled for life.

Lose a match-winning kick, and you’ll be sent back to the dressing room. Debut on the pitch and give the opponents a winning streak inches away from goal and you’ll be disbanded by the fans for good. It’s a strange game as life hangs in the balance for these players.

And while some goalkeepers through thick and thin find a way to redeem themselves with a spectacular dedication to their skills and good sportsmanship, some like the unlucky souls on this list never made it past their primes to retell their story in a better way to the world:

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