4 of the most influential administrative men in world football

Extraordinary FIFA Congress
Extraordinary FIFA Congress
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Modern-day football has turned into a massive off-field economic battle with administrators in every club playing a vital role in the functioning of the establishment.

However, there are administrative heads of various governing bodies across the globe, regulating, promoting and managing the business side of the football.

Here we take a look at the four most influential administrators in the world of football.

Gianni Infantino

FIFA president, Gianni Infantino, a former secretary general of the International Center for Sports Studies in Switzerland, secured his position as the head of football's governing body, winning the 2016 FIFA Extraordinary Congress, acquiring the majority of votes cast.

Since Sepp Blatter's removal as President of FIFA, Infantino born in 1970, has taken over the affairs of the controversial governing body of football. Since his appointment, Infantino has taken many steps to reform the image of FIFA, claiming his administration will strive to be more transparent in their way of governance.

Infantino was part of the accused during the FIFA investigation, suspecting the current president of violating numerous FIFA ethics codes. However, all the charges were dropped against Infantino, who also acted quickly since his appointment by replacing the heads of the investigation committee.

Only the ninth ever president of FIFA, Infantino has claimed to have steadied the ship, although FIFA is still coming under harsh criticism with regards to next year's World Cup in Russia and the controversial allocation of the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

The functioning of the 2022 Qatar World Cup has come under serious threat with groups of supporters calling for a change of location due to various factors affecting the smooth functioning of the game. However, Infantino and FIFA remain calm and adamant about the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Aleksander Ceferin

UEFA Euro Roma 2020 Official Logo Unveiling
Ceferin at the UEFA Euro Roma 2020 Official Logo Unveiling

Born in 1967, Aleksander Ceferin is a Slovenian lawyer who has worked in different capacities as a football administrator since 2005. Serving as an executive member of professional clubs such as FC Nitjia and NK Olimpija Ljubljana, Ceferin was elected as the president of Slovenian football.

He served as the head of the governing body in Slovenia for over 5 years before he was elected as the president of UEFA in 2016. Michel Platini was banned for eight years from football roles in any capacity after being found guilty of ethics violations along with Sepp Blatter. Angel Maria Villar served as acting head.

Ceferin claimed there was a lot of work to be done to clear UEFA's image and will serve till 2019 as president. A clear mandate is what was offered by the lawyer Ceferin that saw him claim most votes. With other members of various countries glad to have the direction that Ceferin offered for the growth of football, UEFA seems to be in strong, powerful Slovenian hands.

Richard Scudamore

Premier League Media Event
Scudamore at a Premier League Media Event

Chief Executive Officer of the Premier League since 1999, Richard Scudamore has overseen the transformation of the Premier League, with giant media deals and sponsorships making it the most watched league in the world.

Having worked for information giants Thompson in the newspaper division for 10 years, Scudamore then worked as the chief executive officer of the Football League from 1997 to 1999 and was responsible for broadcast deals and commercial rights for the Football league Cup and Division 1, 2 and 3.

He then switched roles over to the Premier League and continues to run the league. He is also a founding member of the Football Foundation that is a Grassroots project started by the contributions of the Premier League.

For 18 years, Richard Scudamore has worked running a smooth, efficient system overseeing the most viewed league in the world. A football administrator of some repute has also had his fair share of criticism over the years as CEO, but Scudamore strives on building and promoting English football.

Javier Tebas

Soccerex Global Convention - Day 3
Tebas at the Soccerex Global Convention

Costa Rican born, Spanish lawyer Javier Tebas currently resides as the President of the Liga de Futbol Profesional (LFP). He has worked as a football administrator since 2001 and has served as a member of 11 different La Liga clubs in various capacities.

Winning an uncontested election in 2013, Tebas was approved as the president by 32 of the 42 members of the LFP. Since 2013, Tebas has worked towards cleaning the image of Spanish football from match-fixing allegation and television rights issues.

Tebas has been vocal on the Catalonia independence issue, claiming Barcelona and other Catalonia clubs will not be allowed to compete in the Spanish League if Catalonia wins independence.

As president of the LFP, Tebas has been under a lot of criticism for his statements claiming the league could host matches international if need be. Tebas is still just the eighth president of the LFP which was founded in 1984.

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