40 Greatest Goals in World Cup History: #24 Lothar Emmerich - West Germany vs Spain ('66)

Lothar Emmerich

The tall, strongly built outside-left Lothar "Emma" Emmerich died of cancer aged 61, and had a prolific career with his national side Germany and his club Borussia Dortmund. He played a major role in his team's contentious last-minute equaliser against England at Wembley in the FIFA World Cup final of July 1966.

He is often associated with the walk-on part he played in the only moment the English like allude to in their footballing history.

With the scoreboard reading 2-1 in favour of the home team, and just moments to go, the Germans were awarded a dodgy free-kick just outside the box. Emmerich stepped up and, with that lethal left foot of his, smacked the ball goal-ward which struck his own player but found its way to the far post, where Wolfgang Weber drove home the equaliser.

What followed was even more suspect as England went on to win the final in one of the most controversial moments in footballing history - the Geoff Hurst goal which crossed or didn't cross the line.

We at Sportskeeda though, remember "Emma" and his formidable left foot for what he did in the same competition against Spain in the group stages.

West Germany, back when the Berlin Wall was still up, had conceded the lead to Spain in the 23rd minute. What occurred 16 minutes later was one of the highlights of Emmerich's short but significant international career.

The Germans were awarded a throw-in, deep inside opposition territory, Siegfried Held looked to find Lothar in the box with a quick throw. If anything, Held had put too much on it. The ball bounced into the opposition penalty area. Emmerich didn't have the time to take a touch or even give it a thought.

So he did what he did best, hammer the ball into the opposite top corner from the narrowest of angles and the sweetest of connections with that storied left-foot of his.


Oftentimes, viewing footage of these archived matches can be strenuous, the black and white visuals, the incomprehensibly short shorts, lack of glamour from the absent digital advertising hoardings along the circumference of the field. Where's the panache? The oomph?

All of it on the pitch and in heavy abundance. Take a look at the goal and believe it. Lothar Emmerich's belter is one of our 40 Greatest Goals in World Cup history.

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