5 big clubs that are universally hated by the fans

FC Dynamo Kyiv v Chelsea FC - UEFA Champions League
Jose Mourinho is unsurprisingly linked with three of the sides on this list!
Scott Newman

Every football team has its rivals, whether it’s due to a local issue such as which team is the best in a certain city, a rivalry between clubs from opposing nations – English clubs vs. German clubs for example - or something more longstanding, like a bad refereeing decision in an important game from years in the past. There’s no denying, however, that some clubs just garner hatred from practically anyone they come up against – and even fans of sides they might never end up facing.

Whether it’s down to jealousy of a lot of success, a perceived arrogance, a willingness to buy players that they don’t really need, or the housing of overtly dirty players, the following five teams are basically universally hated, and here’s why.

#5 Bayern Munich

Juventus  v FC Bayern Muenchen  - UEFA Champions League Round of 16
Bayern Munich love to weaken their rivals, a move that makes them despised

The common theme on this list is that the most hated clubs are the biggest ones, and so it doesn’t come as a coincidence that the most hated club in Germany are also the biggest one. Step forward Bayern Munich - or ‘FC Hollywood’ as they’re known by opposing fans in Germany, due to their arrogant attitude and willingness to spend insane amounts of money on players to guarantee success.

Perhaps the most frustrating thing about Bayern is what they’ve done to the Bundesliga. Once known as one of Europe’s most well-supported and competitive leagues, Germany’s top division is now basically a foregone conclusion at the start of every season, and it’s a conclusion that always ends in favour of Bayern Munich. How has it come to this, when just a handful of seasons ago, the likes of Borussia Dortmund and Wolfsburg were able to capture the league title?

Money, of course. Where Real Madrid focus on buying the world’s best players, no matter the cost, and the likes of Man United and Chelsea are quite willing to spend insane amounts, Bayern have been slightly more savvy.

Their biggest tendency is to simply sign away the best players from their German rivals – recent seasons have seen them sign the likes of Robert Lewandowski, Mario Gotze and Mats Hummels away from Dortmund for instance, completely killing their biggest challenger dead in the water.

Add in a tendency to use football’s ‘dark arts’ at the drop of a hat – again usually when facing English opposition in European ties – as well as the classic Teutonic air of arrogance, and it all comes together to make Bayern Munich one of the most universally hated clubs in the world.

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