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5 English talents who could replace Wayne Rooney at Manchester United

Maybe another Evertonian? Maybe some from within the club?

Sadly, Wayne Rooney's time at Manchester United is coming to an end

Wayne Rooney's time is coming to an end at Manchester United. It's sad and people will argue for months but the fact is, his performances haven't been the same and he hasn't been able to adapt to how the Premier League and his team are changing. 

I know that I, as a fan, would love to see Wayne Rooney at his best again but it doesn't look like its going to happen and we'd rather move on than try all we can to ensure he hits form. Rooney is still a part of United's and England's plans – both the managers have said so – and he's only ever so important right now because of what he's done for both club and country. 

You may be the most talented footballer on the planet but the crowd will love and adore you that much more if you were from a neighbourhood they recognised and grew up around. Rooney was that personality for Manchester United and they need more of those. Here are five Englishmen Manchester United fans could love both on and off the field: 

#5 Ross Barkley 

Will another Evertonian join Manchester United in his prime?

A young and emerging Liverpool talent who wears blue and has been linked with Manchester United for a while? Seem familiar? Ross Barkley has long been a Manchester United target. He's got the talent and the tenacity to succeed in a big club. 

United fans know him from his time in the Premier League and the English set up but him joining the club now will probably affect a host of other midfielders given how much the club have invested in them. That said, Barkley's drive and determination on the ball is much needed at United and have missed it since Wayne Rooney stopped doing it. 

Barkley will, however, cost the club a fortune but if they need someone to do what Rooney's done in recent years, they won't find a better replacement. 

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