5 famous celebrities who almost became professional footballers

Sean Connery
James Bond could have been a football player!
Kevin Ronith Kumar

Football is a game loved by one and all has inspired many people to consider taking up the sport as a career, some of these people also include famous celebrities who had a brief romance with the game sometime in their past. Many of these celebrities are famous for their achievements either in the field of music, movies or television but also had the ability to perhaps be successful even as professional footballers.

Let’s take a look at five famous celebrities who almost became professional footballers.

#1 Sean Connery

Before getting his license to kill on the big screen, Sean Connery was, in fact, an aspiring footballer. The legendary British actor had to choose between a career in acting or becoming a professional footballer, and we all know what he chose. It all began at a young age when Conner played for the Scottish junior football club, Bonnyrigg Rose.

While playing in a match against a local rival, It so happens that a Manchester United scout, Matt Busby was present and took notice of a 23-year-old, Sean Connery’s talent and had offered him a contract after the match. But Connery declined the offer to live his dream of becoming an actor one day. Sean Connery later revealed that it was a smart move by him as later went on to play the role of the British superspy, James Bond.

#2 Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay has a soft spot for the beautiful game

Before cooking up a storm in the kitchen with his extensive gourmet skills, Gordon Ramsay tried his hand at a career in football during his younger days. After impressing for the Warwickshire U-14s, Ramsay was given a chance to train with the Glasgow Rangers for a couple of months but unfortunately got injured midway. Eventually, Ramsay chose a career in food rather than football and to his and everyone’s delight turned to be an excellent decision.

Now, Gordon Ramsay is one of the most popular personalities in television and famous for his ill temper and the habit of yelling at people. He starred in several popular reality cooking shows including, ‘Hell's Kitchen’ and ‘Masterchef'. Ramsay also teamed up with David Beckham to open a Mediterranean restaurant in 2013.


#3 Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart
Jon Stewart was “the little guy by the sideline”

American actor, comedian, and writer, Jon Stewart is a well-known TV personality and the developer and the host of The Jon Stewart Show which was MTV's first ever talk show. What you might not know is that Stewart used to play Division 1 college soccer for the College of William and Mary in Virginia. In an interview with New York Magazine in 1994, Jon Stewart stated that his college career involved waking up late, doing bong hits and going for soccer practice.

Stewart also briefly took up a coaching role at Gloucester High School after graduating before ending up in the television business. When asked about his position on the soccer pitch, Stewart quoted, “I was known as the little guy by the sideline, otherwise known as wing.”

#4 Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson
Louis Tomlinson has cooked up a storm with the mic in his hands

Whether it’s on the field or on the stage, Louis Tomlinson has girls from all over the world screaming his name in joy. The 25-year-old singer was also a member of the popular boyband, One Direction. But before becoming the pop sensation that he is today, Tomlinson was signed by his hometown team, Doncaster Rovers on a non-contract basis in 2013.

The famous music artist has made appearances in several charity matches and showed glimpses of his skills. Although he made it big in the music industry who knows what could have happened if he had chosen to play football instead.

#5 Julio Iglesias

Julio Iglesias
Julio Iglesias found love away from the field as well – in his songs

The 73-year-old singer and songwriter is one of the most successful Latin artists in the music industry. Iglesias has launched over 80 albums in 14 languages and has sold over 120 million records worldwide. Not only is Iglesias one of the best-selling artists of all time but also a Latin icon. But before making it big in the music industry, Iglesias was balancing between law school and football.

What most people might not know is that Julio Iglesias was once a goalkeeper for Real Madrid. Yes, Iglesias did play professional football for the Galacticos during his younger days. But unfortunately, his football career came to an end after a terrible car accident in which damaged his spine thereby weakening his legs.

While he was in the hospital recuperating, a nurse had handed him a guitar to pass the time, and that was when he started writing songs and discovered his talent. Talk about a happy ending!

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