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5 famous cheats in modern football

  • In a game of small margins and high stakes, players are willing to do anything to win. Here are 5 famous cheats in modern day football...
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Modified 20 Dec 2019, 13:57 IST

Levante UD v FC Barcelona - La Liga
Sergio Busquets - "King of divers"

Cheating is omnipresent in football these days, where players have got many dirty tricks up their sleeves to win a match at any cost. When the stakes are high in modern day football, players pretend a lot these days on the pitch to get the decisions in their favour.

It includes, but is not limited to intimidating the referee, diving deliberately, faking an injury, wasting time intentionally and deliberately touching the ball with hands.

Officials and fans call for the use of video technology to make life easier for referees. International Football Association Board is trying out Video Assistant Referee (VAR), a video technology to review on-field decisions using the video footage. It is in the early stages and will take some time.

This list is always debatable, but here are the ones we thought are the Top 5 cheaters in modern day football:

#5 Sergio Busquets

An incredibly talented player, Busquets has an awful reputation for diving and trying to gain an unfair advantage from referees.

Sergio Busquets earned the status of football's worst diver when he fell to the ground in a UEFA Champions League game against Inter. Motta appeared to have brushed his face and the Barca midfielder went down theatrically holding his face.

He writhed on the ground in pain and then had a little peek at the referee to see if Motta was given his second booking. Shameful act indeed.

In another incident against Real Madrid in 2011, Sergio Busquets was charged by UEFA for racially abusive comments against Marcelo, but he was cleared later for lack of evidence.


Although he has toned down the antics in the latter parts of his career, few incidents like the Motta's send-off has labelled his as the "King of the Divers"

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Published 10 Nov 2017, 00:10 IST
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