5 of the fastest shots ever recorded in football history

Zlatan Ibrahimovic shot
Although Zlatan Ibrahimovic has an incredible shot, he does not feature in the top five

3) Steven Reid – 189 kmph

steven Reid final
Reid celebrates after scoring an incredible goal

Steven Reid of Blackburn Rovers hit an incredible fast shot when he scored a stunning piledriver against his future club Wigan Athletic in the Premier League at an astonishing speed of 189 kmph. Yes. It was that fierce. Imagine the condition of the keeper when he realised that a bullet just flew past him?

Some fans in ecstasy even said that if the keeper got hit by Steven Reid’s shot he would be sent to prison for manslaughter!

Reid was part of the 2002 World Cup where the Irish lost out in the round-of-16 stage to Spain. The right back is currently serving as the first team coach of championship club Reading.

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