5 of the fastest shots ever recorded in football history

Utsav Agarwal

5) Ronny Heberson – 210 kmph

Ronny Heberson shot
Ronny Heberson holds the record for the fastest shot

The footballer with the most powerful shot ever recorded by mankind is Ronny Heberson! The Sporting Lisbon’s defender scored a massive shot from a dead ball situation against league competitors Associacao Naval de Maio at an incredible speed of 211 kmph!

You read it right! It was that fast. What’s funny is that one of the fastest trains in India is 140 kmph! Each and every footballer on this list has scored a goal with a faster speed! Ronny’s shot is considered as a thunder strike.

It’s amazing that it ended in the back of the net and not some rival defender’s delicate areas! His record does not look like it will be broken anytime soon. Although his career did not pick up pace, his shot will go down in history as the fastest ever.

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