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5 Greatest Football Rivalries of All Time

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Ryan Giggs Manchester United v Liverpool  Premier League 1996
Liverpool and Manchester United share an intense rivalry

The footballing world is filled with some very fierce clashes throughout the year, but nothing compares to the contest between two rival clubs. Whether you call it a Derby, Clasico or something else, all these words resonate only one emotion – passion. The ardour and intensity that players bring to the pitch and the atmosphere created by fans in the stadium during the greatest rival matches remain unparalleled.

For more than a century now, the world has witnessed a myriad of some remarkable rivalries develop attributing to the vibrant history and diverse culture that Clubs have had since their inception. Several players and managers have come and gone, but the traditions and legacy of the clubs have been passed on, only to have incited the rivalries even more. Let us take a look at five of the most vehement and intense rivalries of all time –

#5 The Old Firm Derby

Celtic v Rangers - Scottish Premier League
Celtic v Rangers - Scottish Premier League

The Old Firm is one of the grandest and fiercest rivalries in the entire European region. Played between two of Scotland’s giants, Rangers F.C and Celtics F.C, this derby is one of the oldest in the planet, with the first match being played in 1888.

There are some unique facets apart from a passion for the game when it comes to the driving force behind this rivalry, mainly religion and politics. Celtics represent the Irish Catholic while Rangers traditionally comprise of the Protestant faction that opposes them.

When it specifically comes to head to head matches, Rangers have seemed to dominate the contests having won 159 times out of the 399 times, with Celtics winning 144 of the clashes, coupled with 96 draws.

The derby has also witnessed a history of violence from the fans invading the pitch to acts of vandalism which go on to prove that the Old Firm is more than just a game for the Scottish people.

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