7 Instances when Managers and Players Answered the Phone at a Press Conference

football managers players answer reporter phone
Jose Mourinho’s press conference was interrupted when a reporter’s phone placed on the table rang
Rohith Nair

Amidst all the intense action on the pitch in football, there are a few light-hearted moments off it as well. And press conferences offer such moments on an almost weekly basis. When players and managers are in a good mood, they do tend to let their guard down and prove that they, too, are only human.

Technology has advanced over the decades and voice recorders have now been replaced with mobile phones. However, there is the odd reporter who forgets to switch it to ‘Airplane’ mode before placing his phone next to the microphone and that is when such moments are produced. 

1) Jose Mourinho

As Manchester United prepared to play their biggest rivals Liverpool, Jose Mourinho’s press conference was underway when he was interrupted by a phone ringing on the table before him. The Portuguese boss stopped mid-sentence, picked up the phone and calmly said, “Hello?”

As he listened to the voice on the other end of the line, he shook his head before looking at the assembled reporters, announcing: “It’s from Talk Sport,” as the press gathered laughed out loud. 

The guilty reporter apologises profusely with a sheepish smile but Mourinho does not seem too perturbed by the interruption and smiles while handing the phone to him – even asking ‘Abby from Talk Sport’ to "wait a second, please."

Luckily for the reporter, this did not happen after a controversial loss that usually sees the manager in a foul mood. Mourinho simply smiled and then asked: “What was the question?”

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