5 moments that made the football world cry

Motherwell v Celtic
Sometimes the game reduces us to tears
Modified 05 Nov 2017
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There might be a lot of tough people out there who'd rather put a cloak over their emotions than being caught teary-eyed. They have never felt the warmness in making others smile or letting go with tears in their eyes.

But most of us are prone to give in to emotions because, after all, somewhere inside this disposable body of sand, there is an organ that beats and makes us numb and our eyes wet with tears.

And football is one of those entities that can make people cry. Almost every football fan in the world has shed tears - be it of happiness or agony. And here are five times when the beautiful game watered our eyes...

#5 Billy Sharp’s gift to his son

For every man, one of the best moments in his life is to see the face of his firstborn child. After all, it is the first time he gets to see his own creation, an extension of his self. When a man takes his child in his arms and sees the light of life in the child’s eyes, it is moment gifted from heaven.

What happens thereafter doesn’t matter – it is that very moment which is cherished in eternity. For Billy Sharp, though, fate had something else in store as his special moment lasted for only two days.

On October 2011, Sharp became a father for the first time. In what was supposed to be a news of joy for Sharp, it soon turned to pain with the realisation that his newborn was diagnosed with gastroschisis – a condition wherein the intestines of the newborn child protrudes out of the body from a hole near the belly button.

Young Luey Jacob, Sharp’s son, died two days after birth, plunging the family in the arms of sorrow. The then Doncaster Rover striker, however, returned to the team in order to play in the very next game against Middleborough three days later.

And like a plot from a movie, Billy Sharpe scored against a peach of a goal and revealed the message written underneath his shirt: ‘That’s for you, son.’

And it made us all cry. All of us.

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Published 05 Nov 2017
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