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Five most talked about transfer sagas this season

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Neymar m
Neymar made a record breaking transfer to PSG from Barcelona

It goes without saying that the 2017 summer transfer window has been the single craziest transfer window of all time. Transfer values have shot up like crazy and the world record transfer fee was not just broken, it was annihilated.

With the advent of social media and self-proclaimed ITKs (In the Know), transfer speculations have reached a whole new level. It has become increasingly easy to sell and feed anything to the fans and start a meltdown.

This summer has seen many crazy transfer sagas. For example, Ousmane Dembele of Borussia Dortmund failed to turn up for training with Barcelona rumoured to be interested in him. What followed was Dortmund rejecting a bid over €100m for a 20-year-old player with less than 10 international caps and fining him. However, the player hasn’t contacted the club yet and is expected to force a move to Barcelona.

If you think the Dembele saga was interesting, then you haven’t seen anything yet because these five transfer sagas are on a whole different level. 

#5 Romelu Lukaku

Lukaku chose to return to the manager who sold him at Chelsea
Lukaku chose to return to the manager who sold him at Chelsea

There is a very famous video clip of a young Romelu Lukaku in 2010 where he says he will achieve his dream of playing for Chelsea during his first visit to Stamford Bridge. He did achieve that dream but it surely didn’t have the ending he desired as he was sold to Everton in 2014 by Chelsea when Jose Mourinho was the manager.

Three years later, he had the option to return to the club he originally wanted to play for who constantly overlooked him under different managers, or the manager who sold him. It was a tough choice but Lukaku chose the latter.

For months, the speculations regarding Lukaku indicated that he was destined to realise his dream of leading the Chelsea attack in the wake of Diego Costa’s fallout with Antonio Conte. It always looked like the move was only a matter of time but what happened was quite surprising.

Manchester United’s rumoured pursuit of Alvaro Morata was fruitless and the club responded quickly by signing the Belgian from under Chelsea’s nose. And what did Chelsea do? They signed Morata. 

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