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5 Past World Cup Moments That Video Technology Would Have Resolved

Ronnie Evans
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BT Sport. Football. 1986 Football World Cup, Mexico. Quarter Final, Argentina 2 v England 1. 22nd June, 1986. Argentina's Diego Maradona scores 1st goal with his Hand of God, past England goalkeeper Peter Shilton.

The FIFA World Cup tournament is the greatest showpiece in the world of football. The competition attracts thousands of supporters who throng the stadiums to watch it live and billions more in worldwide viewership. Some of the greatest players in history have cemented their legacies by winning the World Cup. The 2018 edition is on the horizon and presents the opportunity for some new faces to shine at the global stage.

In a World Cup, everything is heightened, including media coverage. Also, there is intense pressure on both match officials and players to deliver. In Russia, this will be the first time that the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) system will be used at the World Cup. Players notorious for making reckless challenges and diving will have nowhere to hide.

This technology is meant to ensure accuracy when referees are faced with game-changing decisions. Imagine if this VAR system was available during previous tournaments. Those contentious moments in World Cup history would have been detected. These are five instances in FIFA World Cup history that use of the VAR system would have proven vital.

Italy v Uruguay: Group D - 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil
Italy v Uruguay: Group D - 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

#5 Luis Suarez bite (2014)

In 2014, Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez was back to his biting antics during a group match against Italy. He had previously been found guilty of biting opposition players in the English Premier League and Dutch League.

In the 79th minute of this match, a physical tussle ensued between Suarez and Italian centre-back Giorgio Chiellini, the Italian headed the ball away and was locked in contact with Suarez. As the duo fell, Suarez briefly sank his teeth into Chiellini’s shoulder.

Referee Marco Rodriguez did not spot the incident so Suarez walked away without even a booking. He went on to play the full match as Uruguay sealed a vital 1-0 win and qualified for the knockout round.

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