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5 players who were lucky to play for Real Madrid

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Despite being a troublesome character, the price seemed like a bargain and worth the risk

Every footballer in the world wants to play for the very best team—and what better than to play for the club officially recognised as the best of the 20th century? In a way, every player that has played for the Blancos is lucky since the stature of the club and its history holds an eternal place in the football fraternity.

However, there are some players who perhaps didn’t deserve to play for the 11-time Champions League winners. Be it because of their pre-Real Madrid career antics or their outing with the White shirt, there are a few players who should be thanking their lucky stars that they can add ‘played for Real Madrid’ in their CV.

And here are 5 such players…

#5 Antonio Cassano

This name might irk some fans since Antonio Cassano was perhaps the most technically gifted Italian player of his generation. However, at the time Real Madrid signed him, he was already infamous for his lacklustre attitude and inability to cooperate with his peers.

Regardless of that, the Blancos took a leap of faith and acquired his signature for just €5 million. Despite being a troublesome character, the price seemed like a bargain and worth the risk. It all began very well for the Italian as he scored within three minutes into his Real Madrid career.  

Unfortunately, it didn’t go on to work out for the Whites since the former Bari starlet started gaining weight due to poor eating habits and had to be fined for every gram that he gained. This antic also earned him the nickname ‘Gordito’, which means ‘little fat one’ in Spanish.

In his autobiography, Cassano claimed to have slept with over 600 women during his time in Spain and always completed his sessions by eating “three or four pastries.”

“600 girls and 3-4 pastries after sleeping with them!” You do the math now.

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