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5 Players who threw major insults at their former clubs after their departure

  • I present to you a list of 5 players who insulted their previous clubs in different fashions, after their departure.
Hassan Shafiq
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Modified 20 Dec 2019, 21:26 IST

Zlatan did not agree with Pep
Zlatan did not agree with Pep's formation of 4-5-1 and insulted the club publicly after his departure

Playing for a football club is practically similar to a business partnership. The player and the club meet up, trusting that both would enhance one another. In the event that things go well after the player's signing, at that point the partnership endures longer. 

On the other hand, if things do not go so well, the partners go their separate ways. However, this separation is not always smooth, as players often tend to insult their clubs after their departure and vice-versa.

These insults can go to an extreme level, so much so, that the players speak out publicly against their clubs. In this regard, I present to you a list of 5 players who insulted their previous clubs in different fashion, after their departure.

#5 Mario Balotelli

Hull City v Liverpool - Premier League
Hull City v Liverpool - Premier League

The universe of football is loaded up with protesters. From the has-beens to the could-have-beens, this is a society with an assortment of individuals – and Mario Balotelli, even among those mavericks, stands special in his own particular manner. 

When he was ascending to the best echelons of the sport that is competitive football, he was known more for his jokes than his amazing capacity. Everyone realized that Inter had an uncommon talent named Mario Balotelli, however they likewise realized that he was unpredictable and had a decent shot of squandering his absolute potential. 

And, mostly they were correct. The fact that Balotelli has won various football league titles including the Champions League works to support him. However, the way that his individual trophy bureau is practically unfilled, demonstrates that he did not do much hard work to enhance the ability that he had or maybe still has. 

At Liverpool, the Balotelli-devotees were confident that the Italian would at last buckle down and get to where he has a place. Lamentably, it did not happen, as Jurgen Klopp released him for practically nothing, as he concluded that he couldn't work with the Balotelli.

Mario Balotelli appeared to be quite furious, as he termed his decision of joining Liverpool to be the worst of his life. He said:


"Apart from the fans, who were fantastic, and some players who I got on really well with, I didn't like the club"

"I had two coaches, with Rodgers and Klopp for a short time, but neither their methods nor their personality left me with a good impression,"

"I never really felt right there."

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Published 08 Feb 2019, 13:49 IST
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