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5 players with a magnetic first touch

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Football is an ever-changing game. Everyday some or other tactical advances to help the players cover greater areas on the pitch in order to starve the opponents off the spaces they quite regularly exploit to make their living. However, there has always been and will be one constant in football – the necessity to control the ball.

With tactical formations designed to cover greater areas and the physical nature of players as well as their pace exploited to the fullest to close down spaces, or to press an opponent out of possession, the need for football’s biggest artists to possess a killer first touch has never been more important.

Here’s a look at 5 players, active in the game today, who possess arguably very best first touches on the planet.

#5 Andres Iniesta

Andres Iniesta surrounded by opposition players

When looking for the magicians of the game, who better than the illusionist himself. Here’s one of the many pictures of Andres Iniesta, in complete control of the football despite being surrounded by quite a handful of opposition players. For, some players – and by some, I mean barring a few who can be counted on fingers – it would be quite a problem. But here stands the don, unperturbed by the presence of a few mere mortals, caressing the ball.

He plays in one of the busiest and crowded areas of the pitch, central midfield, and yet his teammates look up to him and pass to him despite the circumstances and oppositions.

A perfect example of his amazing first touch is his 2010 World cup final goal. With acres of space to his right, Iniesta takes a fizzed pass from Fabregas, receives the ball and angles his body for a half volley, all in one ballet like movement.

Such is his magnificence, such is his mastery over the ball that despite playing 115 minutes of football at the biggest stage in the world football, this Spanish maestro displayed supreme composure and unfailing first touch to bring the world at his feet. Such is the grandeur of Don Andres Iniesta with a ball at his feet.

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