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5 Premier League Clubs that will be battling it out to avoid relegation this season

Neil Juneja
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Watford v Newcastle United - Premier League

August is coming. Brace yourselves, for the new season of the Premier League is about to begin. 11th August- mark the date. Manchester United take on Leicester City at Old Trafford.

The Premier League is the most exciting league in the world. Year-after-year, the quality, the drama & the passion of the Premier League never fails to disappoint. There's a reason why it's claimed to be 'the best league in the world'. A claim that's very hard to contest.

What makes the Premier League so beautiful is its 'balance'. Every team is amazing. No team is unbeatable (except 'The Invincibles'). The word 'upsets' is over-used and that's what makes the league so exciting. Every matchday has an 'upset' looming around the corner.

With just weeks to go and the pre-season friendlies well underway now, the excitement is building up.

Historically, four-teams have been fighting for the title year-after-year. However, in recent times, the 'top-four' has become more like a 'top-six'. Expect to see the same names there, at the top of the table this season: Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur.

Just how there's ambiguity surrounding the positions of the best teams in the league, the same ambiguity clouds the bottom half of the league. No team wants to get relegated and hence, the fight to avoid the drop is just as exciting as the fight to win the title.

Come the month of March and April next year, the pandemonium of the Premier League will be at its peak.

The end of the season is a mixed-affair. While glory awaits some players, despair & heartbreak awaits others. For a professional footballer, nothing can be worse than being part of a team that's relegated. Injury & relegation- the two lowest points in the careers of professional footballers.

Just how the season begins with a list of contenders for the title, there's also the dreaded list of clubs who will be battling it out to avoid the drop that season.


Here are five clubs who are part of the latter list this season.

#1 Huddersfield Town

Huddersfield Town v Olympique Lyonnais - Pre-Season Friendly
Huddersfield Town Manager David Wagner

Last season, Huddersfield Town finished 16th with 37 points, avoiding the drop by a relatively comfortable margin of four points by the end of the season.

The fact that they managed to avoid the drop last season is great and much of the credit has to go their manager, David Wagner.

With that being, Huddersfield go into this season in pretty much the same position that they saw themselves enter the League in last year, as relegation fighters. Apart from the teams that got relegated, Huddersfield had the worst goal difference in the league, -30. The problem was with their attack. They ended the season scoring the lowest number of goals amongst all the teams in the league, only 28 goals in the entire season.

However, the Terrier fans have some reason to be optimistic about their club's future. The owners of the club have shown ambition by giving the manager some funds to work with this summer. When compared to their fellow relegation compatriots, the Terriers have enjoyed a very successful transfer season.

Next season is going to be as competitive, if not more, as last season. For Huddersfield to avoid the drop this season, the club desperately needs its new signings to click immediately.

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