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5 Reasons why Cristiano Ronaldo is being written off too early

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15.73K   //    05 Nov 2017, 13:49 IST

Real Madrid v Atletico de Madrid - UEFA Champions League Final
Cristiano Ronaldo - Write him off at your own peril

Murmurs have started moving about that World Player of the Year Cristiano Ronaldo is past his prime. Statistics are being distributed, fancy numbers which most players and even managers rarely see are published. Ronaldo is after all 32 and it only seems fair that age catches up with the master like it has with all before him, right?


If people genuinely believe Ronaldo is past his prime they are either crazy or rely too much on statistics that don't matter come end of the season. A player should be measured by the impact on a team's performance. Sometimes individual scrutiny stands very little in terms of assessing the utility of a player.

Many times great players rightfully are discussed with more focus and ferocity than others but that does not always guarantee fairness. In fact, people had written off Ronaldo's greatest rival- Lionel Messi a while ago, he is surely laughing off to the bank now, with his form and confidence returning like it had never gone.

Here then are the five reasons we shouldn't be writing off Ronaldo anytime soon

#5 Early in the season and fitness

This season is 10 games old in the La Liga. Cristiano Ronaldo has played in 6 of those games. Many times match-sharpness can be a huge issue for any player. Ronaldo missed the first four games of the season following some niggles in the summer. It is natural for a player to regain a sense of consistency.

While indeed he had a howler against Girona, Ronaldo put in a much-improved performance managing to score a goal against an incisive Spurs team who beat 3-1. Madrid as a team have been struggling to find their rhythm after an incredibly successful season last time about.

There are many teams which struggle to hit their best form after a very successful season. In Real Madrid's case, it has been a season and a half of top form, after the Benitez sacking midway through 2015/16.

According to statistics aggregator, Ronaldo ranks fourth on Real Madrid's top performers this season much above the much-celebrated Marco Asensio in eighth place. This shows any shrewd observer that Ronaldo has been on the same level as his side who are themselves quite inconsistent so far.

It's a question of settling into the season and that will happen unless something goes massively wrong. Case in point to 2014/15 where Barcelona and Messi were struggling for form, only for Messi to recover and spectacularly lead the line with Neymar and Suarez to a treble.

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