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5 reasons why it is time to stop supporting Arsenal 

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Is the
Is this the start to Arsenal's spiral into the abyss?

It is an accepted theory that a football fan is tied to his club for life and largely, it is true. For instance, if a club simply does not have the finances to compete for the biggest trophies then the fans are reasonable enough to understand that there is nothing much that can be done. The fans will still queue up to watch whether on the television or at the ground.

However, the whole thing takes a different complexion altogether if the club in question refuses to compete and chooses to operate with the sole purpose of making a profit, instead of competing for the biggest prizes.

That brings us neatly to the subject of Arsenal, which has reduced itself into what English football fans call a 'Cup side'. The Gunners are the third-most successful club in English football, but nothing about them looks like that they are in football to win things and here are some compelling reasons why it is perhaps time to stop supporting them:

#5 For one's own sanity

Arsenal v AS Monaco FC - UEFA Champions League Round of 16
A familiar night in Europe

How many times have Arsenal conceded the same goal and lost a game in the same way over the last decade or so? A well-worn template of many Arsenal games against the 'big clubs' run somewhat on these lines: start well, attack, lose the ball, concede, equalise, dominate and then concede on the counter-attack.

It happens in games after games, season after season, which is why, it is pertinent to think whether such an experience is actually worth the time, attention and money for supporters.

Supporters might actually not be that bothered about those things but such games can take a toll on one's sanity and perhaps there is not much of a point in putting oneself through such a psychological grinder anymore.

On top of that, there are the embarrassing defeats against the elite of Europe and perhaps it has now become a bit too much for fans to actually care much about Arsenal's fortunes. One might check the score in passing but actually watching the games and closely supporting the club might not be good for one's mental health. 

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