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5 Reasons why Manchester United were right to sack Jose Mourinho

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Mourinho's time at Manchester United is finally over

The signs were there and there was a feeling that the D-day would eventually arrive. It seemed impossible that Mourinho would continue to be at the helm of things at Old Trafford by the end of the season. It was inevitable that Manchester United would eventually sack him. The disturbing results, the press conferences, the rumours of player-manager rifts all indicated that Jose Mourinho would not last to build a dynasty at Old Trafford. And eventually, the events unfolded as predicted at Old Trafford.

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Manchester United lost to Liverpool on Sunday at Anfield, with the game ending with the final score 1-3. It ultimately proved to be the final straw as the club announced on Tuesday that Mourinho had left the club. It was also announced that a new caretaker Manager would be appointed till the end of the season, while the process of selection of a new manager would continue.

The bold decision of the Management at Old Trafford has generated mixed reactions. While sacking a manager in the middle of the season has its risks, here are 5 reasons why Manchester United were right to sack Jose Mourinho.

#5 Poor Style of Play

Pogba's talents were misused by Mourinho at United

Mourinho bought Ibrahimovic, Pogba and Mkhitaryan in his first season. Baring the Swede, who can actually fit into any team, the rest two were continuously underutilized by the Portuguese. Last season, he bought Lukaku and Sanchez, and while the Belgian did have a moderate season, Sanchez was surplus to requirements, when the team was crying out for a right winger.

Even though he had some of the best attacking talents in the team, Mourinho opted for a stale, stagnant style of play, where Manchester United started playing boring, defensive football. It was neither attractive nor effective.

While the best teams of the world progressed to a more intense, intricate play with lots of passing and possession, Mourinho took United backwards, relying on stone age tactics of soaking the pressure and trying to catch the opposition off-guard with long balls. This was having a negative effect on the players as well as the fans and as such, by parting ways with Mourinho, United have actually averted further damage.

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