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5 reasons why the Ballon d'Or should be scrapped

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Everyone obsesses over a nothing trophy
Everyone obsesses over a nothing trophy

Wasn’t it lovely and picturesque when Cristiano Ronaldo placed his fifth Ballon d’Or on that plinth at the Santiago Bernabeu earlier this month? Wasn’t it a consequential moment for one of the greatest talents the game has ever seen?

No. It felt contrived, vanity at its ultimate height.

When did football become an individual sport, where some players start putting solo achievements over those of the team? Well here’s five reasons why the biggest player award should be scrapped.

#5 Weighted to attacking players

Of the 61 Ballon d’Or winners, there have been three defenders and one goalkeeper. Is that not a complete imbalance of where the award seems to gravitate to?

Basically, according to the results here, if you score lots of goals, you matter a lot more. Many would argue that makes a lot of sense, since goals win you games, but keeping them out also ensures you don’t lose them.

That should have just as much weight as being the headline-grabber but there’s no way of changing those minds that believe attacking is the be-all and end-all. People adore those that put things in the back of the net, neglecting those that work hard to stop them.

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