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5 reasons why Zinedine Zidane could be sacked this season

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The manager with the touch of gold could soon be sacked

This is unthinkable… or was unthinkable—wasn’t it? By the end of last season, even the staunchest of Zidane-out frenzies were mum. They knew that their mouths had been stitched and saying anything against a manager that got them the double would be nothing but blasphemy.

However, time changes faster than the speed of light sometimes—and that is what has happened with the Blancos. The manager that has won 5 trophies in one calendar year with his team is now having to face scrutiny because his side hasn’t performed well for four months.

Ah, cruel freaking world. The onset is done and now for the real causes—here are 5 reasons why Zidane could be sacked this season…

#5 Losing to Barcelona

Losing to Barcelona will only spell trouble for Zinedine Zidane

The thing about Zinedine Zidane is that he has not yet lost to Barcelona except for that one time when Lionel Messi decided to mess with the Frenchman’s unbeaten record and score in the final minute of the game.

This is obviously about the one where he took off his shirt and showed his name off to the Bernabeu—a goal that, in the end, didn’t matter. After that, however, the Frenchman has had a 100% win record against the Catalans, but now faces them in a difficult moment.

Already 11 points behind in the league—albeit, with a game in hand—it could be claimed that this is a do or die scenario for the Galacticos. Assuming that the lead isn’t insurmountable already, losing it would put the Merengues back by 14 points from the top of the league, which would almost certainly kick them out of the title race.

And put a nail in Zidane’s coffin.

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